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happy new year 2018 quotes for facebook
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Happy New Year 2018 Quotes for Facebook friends

This New Year is so special, don’t leave with easily

Do smart work, get smart success

Facebook spoils your time so left facebook living with freedom

Facebook friends are not familiar, so don’t go with deep friendship

Facebook is harm to your health and wealth

Keep good health and get more wealth

Leave all your worries and enjoy New Year's Eve

New Year is a mirror, it says do’s and don’t dos

Past year is full of confusion, but upcoming New Year is clear and crystal

Bad face gives always bad thing; good face gives always good things

Nature says purity so live like nature

We are human beings so use nature in good way and living happily

New year 2018 gives cheer, health, wealth and happy so live with cheer, health, wealth happy new year 2018

Wish You Happy New Year 2018 To All 

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